健身气功: Health Qigong

L’Health Qigong a Bergamo.

Health Qigong, il Qigong della Salute, è una parte molto importante della cultura cinese, che trae origine dalla Medicina Tradizionale Cinese, dalle idee culturali del Confucianesimo, del Taoismo e del Buddismo, e dall’antico pensiero filosofico cinese. É composto da movimenti lenti ed eleganti combinati alla respirazione e alla concentrazione, e favorisce lo scorrere libero del Qi. Questa pratica promuove la qualità di vita, l’armonia fisica e mentale, l’unità tra l’uomo e la natura, e tra l’uomo e la società. Maestri cinesi ed esperti medici hanno creato un set di nove esercizi, partendo da esercizi antichi di migliaia di anni, e li hanno convalidati secondo i metodi della medicina occidentale. Persone di diverse età e condizioni possono praticare queste efficaci routines. L’Italy Health Qigong Association, ha l’importante missione di diffondere con competenza la pratica dell’Health Qigong in Italia, in accordo con la Federazione Internazionale di Health Qigong IHQF che ha sede in Cina, direttamente connessa al Governo Cinese, tanto che nel 2003, l’Amministrazione Statale per lo Sport della Cina ha iniziato a promuovere il “Qigong della salute” in tutto il paese.

"Long Hui" International Wushu Academy

[中文] “龙汇”国际武术培训基地以及功夫茶协会APS 在贝加莫市(意大利)一起举办2019年1月27日首届健康气功初级培训。

健身气功(英文名:Health Qigong)与茶文化都是中国传统文化的重要组成部分,也是中医的一部分。这次初级培训,不仅有教健身气功的基本动作而且有介绍适合冬季喝的茶。



[ENG] “LongHui” International Wushu Academy in collaboration with Gong Fu Cha APS together with the Chinese School of Bergamo (Italy) are going organize The First Introductory Seminar of HEALTH QIGONG, known in Chinese as 健身气功 jiànshēn qìgōng.

Health Qigong (or jiànshēn qìgōng) as as well the chinese tea, are an important part of Traditional Chinese Culture, but also a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During the seminar that will be held at the Chinese School of Bergamo (Italy) on the 27th January 2019, will be introduces also two differets kind of tea, which are suitable for the winter season and exactly fot the END OF JANUARY.

For more information you can write an email to:

ass.gongfucha@gmail.com or zhaojiewushu@gmail.com

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International cooperation agreement!

马来 锦标赛 (2).jpg

[中] 龙汇国际培训基地外事部负责人,意大利贝加莫华人中文学校”龙汇”武术班的教练方爱玲与马来西亚御学苑(Yu Xue Yuan Academy)的世界武术冠军贝富权合作谈成功了!

[ENG] The manager of Foreign Affairs Department of Longhui International Wushu Academy, also coach of LongHui Wushu Class in the Chinese School of Bergamo (Italy), Angelica Cukon, and the World Wushu Champion, memeber of “Yu Xue Yuan” Academy (Malesya), PUI FOOK CHIEN 贝富权, successfully signed a cooperation agreement!
The first wushu training course has been arranged from the 6th to the 16th of April 2019!
With this message all the staff wanna wish a long-term cooperation between Hebei “Longhui” International Academy and Malaysia 御学苑 Yu Xue Yuan Academy .



ShuangRen Nanquan .. just for fun !

Me & Andrea having fun ~~~~

步法 Bù fǎ – Wushu Basic Stances (2)

"Long Hui" International Wushu Academy

6- 仆步   (Pū Bù): Flat Stance or Crouch Stance

The right leg is completely fold and on the same line with the right shoulder, the thighs and calves are close, the buttocks are close to the right calf, both feet are on the ground, toes and knees “look” outward;
The left leg is straight and flat, the toes are buckled, and the whole foot touches the ground.
The distance between the feet are 4-5 times the width of the foot
仆右腿为右仆步。 目视右方。
When the right leg is flat, it will be the right pū bù. Your eyes must Look on the right side.
When the left leg is flat, it will be the left pū bù. Your eyes must Look on the left side.

7- 独立步  (Dú Lì Bù): One-legged Stance


独立步 支撑腿微屈站稳,另一腿屈膝提起,举于体前,大腿高 于水平。
The support leg is slightly flexed and stabilized, and the other leg is…

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步法 Bù fǎ – Wushu Basic Stances (1)

"Long Hui" International Wushu Academy


The Wushu Basic Stances are the basic skills of the legs method in a real combat, including horse stance, bow stance, empty stance, drop stance, boxing stance, etc.

The Wushu Basic Stances are not only usefull fighting postures during a real combat, let you offense and defense faster, but are also a good exercise for your leg strength.

1- 并步 Bìng Bù – Feet-together Stance 


The feet are close together

2- 开立步 Kāi Lì Bù – Open Stance



The two legs are parallelly opened. Normally is using for preparing training.

3- 马步 Mǎ bù – Horse(riding) Stance



The two legs are opened in parallel, the distance between the two feet is the length of the three soles of the foot, and then can squat down, the toes are parallel forward, and is not allowed to let the feet going to an outwards direction.


The knees are supported outwards, the knees cannot exceed the toes, and the…

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抱拳 BàoQuán – 冲拳 ChōngQuán – 推掌 TuīZhǎng – 甩勾 ShuǎiGōu

"Long Hui" International Wushu Academy

练习抱拳 How to training Bào Quán (Hold fist)


The two fists are closed to the waist and the fists-eyes are outward.

练习冲拳 How to training(fist punching)


After holding the fist, directly punch the fist forward from the waist, the height is shoulders one, the arm should be straight

练习推掌 How to training Tuī Zhǎng (Pushing palm)


After holding the fist, directly push the palm forward from the waist, the height is shoulders one, the arm should be straight, and the palm arrives immediately.

练习甩勾 How to training Shuǎi Gōu (Move backward to hook)


Turn the palm directly into the hook and bend the wrist.

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拳 Quán – 掌 Zhǎng – 勾 Gōu

"Long Hui" International Wushu Academy

拳 Quán – Fist



The four fingers are close together, and the thumb is fastened to the second knuckle of the index finger and to the middle finger.

掌 Zhǎng – Palm 



Four fingers close together and stretch straight back with the first knuckle of the thumb bended.

勾 Gōu – Hook



Five fingers are close together, the wrist is bent.

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"Long Hui" International Wushu Academy

Lately I’m thinking that one of the big problems of those who do #WUSHU is that they do not know a lot of terms in the original language (Chinese) of the exercises they perform, so soon .. actually very soon … I will create a space on this page where EVERYONE could learn the name of the technique and see our children in practice.

P.S .: As children and as beginners, some of those exercises are not performed to perfection ! Forgive us ! Thank u!

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