Bud Power®  Partnership

Questo tipo di prodotti non è esclusivo solo per chi pratica wushu, ma sono utili a tutti gli sportivi.

Utilizzate il nostro codice sconto “LONGHUI15” per avere il 15% in meno sui prodotti!

"Long Hui" International Wushu Academy

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between LongHui® and BudPower®!

BudPower®is a product line made for men and women who love sport and healthy life, or that simply want to treat themselves with a tasty snack without feeling guilty.

The MISSION is to make a healthy yet delicious snack that could drive energy to our everyday life in a simple and easy way, respecting animals and the environment. To help you perform better in whatever you do and ultimately live a healthier and happier life.

With Bud Power we will never give up on a healthy life full of joy!

You can 👇 SHOP ONLINE 👇 using our special DISCOUNT CODE 🎫 LONGHUI15 🎫

HERE ➡️ https://linktr.ee/LongHui or here ➡️ https://bud-power.com

cutting off the 15% of the price!

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