It seems that sanda are cooler than taolu (or maybe my heart is still in that direction :P) cause there are many many competition in China.

The last one I’ve found is C3 INTERNATIONAL BOXING  CUP , started the 3rd of Feb. 2013 in Sichuan province, with a differet kicnd of martial fight.

For videos with Muslim Salikhov and the others you can checkin here:

Here you also canfine C3 WEIBO (chinese TWITTER)

2013年2月3日,由WBC MuayThai、WCK MuayThai、凉山州人民政府主办;四川省武术协会、凉山州体育局、西昌市人民政府承办的C3国际职业搏击争霸赛“决战西昌”将在凉山彝族自治州西昌市凉山民族体育馆擂响战鼓。