Romania 2010

Less 3 days and I’m going to Bucharest, helping the Romanian Youth Wushu Team prepating the European Championship that will take part in Antalya (Turkey) from the 6th to the 13th of March.

还有三天,然后莪又一次再离开意大利。这次莪要到 布加勒斯特 去,帮 罗马尼亚少年国家队 准备 在土耳其举行の第十三届欧洲武术锦标赛

I’m HAPPY that what I did in past wasn’t wasted! So..

I wanna do my best as COACH, like I did my best as athlete!



Here Florin Ioana’s Wushu Hall, the place I’m going to teaching!

– – – – – – – – – –

Other important things to remember are:

1)THE FIRST SPORT ACCORD COMBAT GAMES, a sort of "Olympic Games of Martial Arts", that is taking place in Beijing from the 28th of August to the 4th of September 2010


2)A book."Dentro un mondo nuovo" (Inside a new world), written by Giorgio Pasotti.
A book that I bought few days ago and I’ve already finished.
An italian book written by an Italian Wushu Athlethe (now a famouse actor in Italy), who is maybe almost forget me, but who I always remember with pleasure, as I remeber with pleasure time in which we trained together.

While I was reading, at the same time I was smiling, laughting and crying, remebering these (already) 15 years of training!
I love this book, and I love it not because Giorgio wrote it, but beacause it is a story: the story of every European or American or wherever country athlete, that, for love of wushu, take NOTHING and with NOTHING went alone in China for training and improve.
Ya.. I love this book cause is a LOVE STORY!

Thank you Giorgio!