Kungfu Heroes

The Beijing SU Wushu Team si arriving in Italy for a series of shows.
You are welcome to come to watch this demostration with us!



Date of tour:
19th of January 2010: FIRENZE
26th of January 2010: CAMPI BISENZIO
27th of January 2010: FIRENZE
28th of January 2010: FIRENZE
29th of January 2010: SCANDICCI
30th of January 2010: PESCARA
31th of January 2010: PRATO
1st of February 2010: FIRENZE
2nd of February 2010: MODENA
4th of February 2010: ROMA

More INFO & TICKETS: http://www.kungfuheroes.com

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1.6th and 7th of March 2010: The First International Wushu Cup.

This International Championship will be held in the Netherlands at Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam. To complete this championship, many spectacular shows will take place. So don’t miss it!
Everybody is more than welcome.
To participate you have to be a member of a kung-fu school.
Athletes can participate in different categories, from modern to traditional forms.
Subscription can be done through our "registration form" on the website before the 6th of February 2010.
WEBSITE: http://www.wushucup.com

2.16th of March 2010: KFK 2010 Ed.
As you know this is a FIGHTING competition and like every year, the Kungfu King will be held in Chongqing from the 16th of March during the 4 following days.
The differnce from the past is that in 2010 edition, fighters will use only Thai style for fighting.