2008 All China Youth Wushu Championships

Will take place in Chongqing, from the 9th to the 12th of October, The 2008 All China Youth Wushu Championships, in which will compete my brother Teng Zehong, from Chengdu Sport University.
I believe him should do a good job!
Here a video of his nanquan that I took few months ago!! but now he improved so much!
我弟弟 滕泽洪 也要参加了!上面是几个月前的他 不过现在已经进步了很多!大家支持他吧!!
滕泽洪 加油!!
And almost at the same friends will compete in Warsaw (Poland) for the the 12th European Wushu Championship.
So… EVERYBODY JIAYOU !!! Give your best my friends!!!
Following some other international events in 2008:

1.  Wushu Tournament Beijing 2008 (August 21 – 24  Beijing, China)
2.  TreX Games Busan (September 26 – October 2  Busan, Korea)
3.  4th Sanshou World Cup (September 19 – 21  Harbin, China)
4.  3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships (October 28 – November 2  Shiyan, China)
5.  2nd World Junior Wushu Championships (December 7- 14  Bali, Indonesia)
6.  International Wushu Coaches Training Course (October 19 – 26  Wuhan,China)
7.  International Wushu Judges Examination Course (October 19 – 26 Wuhan,China)

23rd IWUF Executive Committee meeting (December 9  Bali, Indonesia)
IWUF Technical Committee meeting (March 5 – 8  Beijing, China)

Continental Events:
1. 7th Asian Wushu Championships (May 10 -17  Macau, China)
2. 12th European Wushu Championships (October 16 -19 Warsaw, Poland)
3. 3rd African Wushu Championships (March 19 – 23  Libya)
4. 3rd South Asian Wushu Championships (March  Dhaka, Bangladesh)
5. 2nd Arabian Youth Wushu Championship (July  Yemen)
6. 2nd Arabian Wushu Championship for Clubs (April  Jordan)

Other Events:
1. Oslo Wushu Open 2008 (November – Oslo, Norway)

The Norwegian Martial Arts Federation is arranging an international Wushu competition here in Oslo in the middle of
November, there will be categories for both Sanda, Taiji, Traditional styles and Taolu there.
There will be Chinese judges from Beijing TiYu DaXue visiting Norway for Taolu and a Chinese head judge for Sanda.
Also a performance group of Beijing Sports Uni’s 6 top students will come to give a demonstration + hold a seminar the day after the competition. For any problem contact : Kim A Gibson
Tel: +47 46931026

2. Hong Kong Wushu International Festival 2009 (March 6 – 10  Hong Kong)