Bologna 2008

Italian Champion?! Ok, NO Problem!
Yesterday took place in Zola Predosa (Bologna) the 2008 Italian Wushu Championship.
After 2 years I competed again in whole my specialities and I’ve shown them who is the best here, the best without "political games" or judges’help!
And a lot of people came to congratulate with me… and sure I feel, I did better than in Beijing Worlds, where I really was a shit..
"They" also told me that this year our Federation is having some financial problems or something like that, so it’s possible that will not be any "Italy Wushu Team" competing in Euros 2008 or it will has just 3/4 athletes (sanda and taolu together) ..
Then.. I took my decision: In august I will go in China working one year, the company will pay me everything, I must work just 3 hours a day and the other time I can train wushu.. not bad I think.. not bad..
I wanna become more and more better than I was and than I am
那些天的表演已过了. 表演得不错,玩得开心,找到了老朋友,也认识新的些.
今天比赛得也不错 ~ 我在意大利又是练南拳,南棍,南刀的最好的 ~

谢老师已帮我找到了那边的武馆,还有下午意大利武术协会的领导对我说今年他们没钱 所以欧锦赛也没有意大利武术队去参加了


 方爱玲 加油!