France and Italy Wushu Championship 2007



So, I’m just arrive from Paris where last week (the 5th of May) my friends competed in the "Championnat de France 2007". Some of them won, someother didn’t won but anyway all of them took a good score!  And now it’s my turn.. the 3rd of June I’m waiting for you in Florence watching me competing!

How to arrive at the stadium:

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我从巴黎刚回家了。上个星期(5月5号)巴黎有法国武术锦标赛。有的我朋友赢了有的没有,但他们都有个好的成绩!那 现在该我了。。6月3号我将参加在Firenze的"意大利武术比赛",希望你们能来看我比赛!



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                        Serdar – from wushu Turkey