1st NWF Wushu and Sanda Open

Hey Wushuren!
[ENG] A friend from NETHERLAND WUSHU FEDERATION, that was in Netherland Wushu Team till 2004, just send me an e-mail about the NWF tournament that will be held in Amersfoort the 12th May 2007.
It’s an OPEN so everyone can download the program and inscribe in it!
So… Have Fun!
[ITA] Un’amica della NETHERLAND WUSHU FEDERATION, che è stata nel team Olandese fino al 2004, mi ha appena inviato un’email riguardo il Primo NWF tournament che si svolgerà a Amersfoort il 12 Maggio 2007.
E’ un OPEN e questo significa che ognuno puo scaricare il programma e iscriversi!
E allora… Divertitevi!
DOWNLOAD – NWF Tournamen 2007 (Program in english)
DOWNLOAD – Registration Form

2007年 意大利武术比赛

Come prima cosa RINGRAZIO i ragazzi del corso di Nanquan dell’Istituto Wushu Firenze che mi hanno permesso, anche se solo per 2 giorni, di realizzare in parte il mio sogno: insegnare wushu, insegnare Nanquan! 

Vorrei poi avvisare tutti gli atleti del Taolu Italiano che i CAMPIONATI ITALIANI di TAOLU, CODIFICATE E LIBERE si svolgeranno a SORGANE – FIRENZE il 2 e 3 giugno 2007.

At first I wanna thank Nanquan guys from Firenze Wushu Institute that for 2 days let me realize my dream: teach wushu, teach Nanquan!

Than I wanna inform every athletes that Italy Taolu Championship will take place in FLORENCE the 2nd and 3rd of June 2007.

And at last but not the least…I have a problem:

These days i’m so confused.. now i have a team near Venice, sometimes i’m teaching wushu and training for italian Championship so if I’ll compete well (I must do it!), perhaps Italy Federation will call me again in Italy Team but i’ll have to refuse again to compete in Beijing World Championship cause from september to july i have to write my thesis..
I don’t wanna be bad in wushu cause i have to write my thesis and i also don’t wanna write a bad thesis cause i have to train for World Wushu Championship.. I’d like to do a thing, and do it well! So I have to choose but.. which one?
Now the Italian Governament is giving to my mom some money cause I have no father and I am a student.. but my degree is a 3 years degree, so after july, maximum september 2008 I have to degree cause my family will not receive money anymore..
but also I’m afraid.. if I’ll degree in july 2008 Italy Wushu Federation maybe will think i’m too old for a good training and it will not choose me …
and I don’t wanna this cause after my degree I will have every days free time; cause after my degree I don’t wanna go work for 1 year and just training wushu and win the 2008 european championship; cause that 1st place in Nangun is mine! cause I wanna compete in Worlds 2009; cause I wanna conclude my wushu career with the maximum sattisfaction that an athlete can have..
In 2008 I’ll be 22 years old.. Do you think I’ll be too old? I’m thinking everyday about it and I really don’t know what can I do..
A friend said at 22years I’ll not be old cause "The important is that I’ll want it into my head and into my heart".. and maybe the only one solution is.. BELIEVE IN MYSELF!