The 15th Asian Games

At first i want to officially inform everyone that I just came back into my first wushu school, to my first teacher, but i don’t know if I could start agonist training and competing again, cause maybe that school will close its agonist wushu course soon ! 
WHAT CAN I DO!?  maybe in this period I’m so unlike in my wushulife cause I have to stop it and just give concentration to me and my stuying…but anyway we will see!

From Doha:
– my wushu sisters Mao Yaqi won a gold medal in Nanquan with a score of 9.84, one in Nangun with 9.80, and a 3rd place in Nandao with 9.65; Tsang Angie won Nandao competition with 9.7 and 2 silvers in Nanquan with 9.33 and Nangun with 9.53; instead Jung You Myung was 8th in Nanquan with 8.6, 9th in Nanagun with 8.90 and again 8th in Nandao with 9.05.
– my wushu brother Jang Young Ho was 11th in Taijiquan with 8.83 and 10th in Taijijian with 9.49.
Congratulation! But anyway you will have other competitions soon, so…. Jiayou!!

起先我要告诉你们都我刚回来了我第一个武术馆,和我以前的老师练武术,但是我不知道如果我再好好练和比赛 因为那个武术馆有一些问题!我要怎么办?!555。。可能我只要告别武术,只要想读书。。无论如何我还不知道的!

然后要告诉你们 我武术姐姐Mao Yaqi赢了南拳,南棍比赛 (9点84,9点80)。
抵作我太极哥哥Jang Young Ho(장용호)是第11个在太极拳比赛,第10个在太极剑的 。。但没关系, 如果你不赢了,如果你不爱我, 我是永远爱你!
无论如何。。马上有别的比赛.. 那 加油阿!

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