" The 11th European Championship is officially closed! "
Someone is happy, someone is very happy and someone is not satisfied about his/her competitions or results.. never mind!
An athlete is almost never satisfied about him/herself. Now, without fear, we have to train hard day by day, trying to be better step by step.
A special greeting to:
Daria Trasova, 2006 wushu grandchampion… my love I’ve always told you you are the best!
Italy wushu team and all my wushu friends, that, I know, competed doing their best
Wang Anfu that wrote this wonderful words for me –> Click Here
– and all Russian team, that is again the best wushu team in Europe
See ya in the next comeptition my friends!
P.S.: I’ve already put here some pictures, videos and results, that u can dowload clickin’on the words..
anyway if u have others, please send me.. thank u! ^^)

Official Results:


This year Italy Wushu Team convoked me, but I will not compete.
Anyway from November 5th to November 11th I will be in Lignano (30 Km far from Venice) like observer.

Now …

I just want to say JIAYOU and GOOD LUCK to all partecipants of European Championship!

and inform you that after Euros I will pubblish online the best videos!

无论如何,从11月5号到11月11号我在 Lignano (到威尼斯有30Km) 看看欧洲比赛。


我只要 祝你们都好运, 加油

Quest’anno la Nazionale mi ha convocata, ma per diversi motivi non ho voluto gareggiare.
A ogni modo mi troverete a Lignano dal 5 al 11 Novembre come observer

Per ora..

Angel fa un grosso in bocca al lupo a tutti i partecipanti di questo campionato europeo

Spaccate il culo ragazzi!!!!!