China, wait me!

And finally I’m came back! ^^
After university classes and after exams, I’m starting training again.
Start training because of my travell in China, Chengdu!
So the 30th of August I’ll leave Italy for 2 months and I think will be a great experience!
I’m travelling from Venice to Amsterdam and than Chengdu.
Some friends is waiting for me there and someothers will wait for me coming back but the only thing that matters is training, TRAINING HARD for the 11th European Wushu Championship that will take place in Lignano (near Venice) from the 6th to the 15 of November!
In these months nothing will exist, love, studying and sometimes also friends and family will be the second!
Wushu will be the first, the gym will be my home and my team my family  to grow up  day by day and catch up the victory.. again!
8月30号我回去中国 ,成都