The tiger is back ..

In the last mounths I passed the blackest period of my life, but now I think that everything is coming to a happy ending..
I tried to close with my wushu-life but my destiny wasn’t that one and a lot of things jumped frantically in my life:

Chen laoshi proposed me to teach wushu in his school of oriental disciplines;
Stefano, from wushu Firenze, asked me to go to his school for a stage in which I will teach nangun and nandao compulsory taolu;
Russian wushu federation invited me to train with russian wushu team;
– I discoverd that one of my university teachers, Shi laoshi, is from Chengdu
.. and anyway she’s really a cute person;
– The girlfriend of HunagShaoSong said me that sometimes we could meet in Pordenone training together. ^.^



I also want to thank all my wushu "brothers and sisters" that tried to stop me,

my favorite champion Daria Tarassova
and the russia wushu coach Tatiana that always believed in me!
Thanks of all!