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Name: Cukon Angelica (Croatian father,Italian mother)

Date of birth: 18/07/1986

Place: Bergamo, Italy

Level: Black belt 2°duan (2004), trainer (2005)

I started train WUSHU when I was 7 (1993);

before I did Classical Dance and Gymnastic.


-1996: first medal

– Italian Champion from 1999 (reached the age to compete in Italian Championship) to 2009

– Member of Italy Wushu Team from 2000 to 2007


2000: European Championship – Rotterdam (Holland)

1°place: Nangun

2°place: Nandao

3°place: Nanquan

2002: European Championship – Povoa De Varzim (Oporto – Portugal)

1°place: Nangun

1°place: Nanquan

2°place: Nandao

2003: World Championship – Macao (China)

4°place: Nangun

9°place: Nanquan

2004: European Championship – Moscow (Russia)

1°place: Nangun

2°place: Nanquan

2°place: Nandao

2005: World Championship – Hanoi (Vietnam)

8°place: Nangun

9°place: Nandao

10°place: Nanquan

2006: European Championship – Lignano (Italy)


2007: World Championship – Beijing (China)

12°place: Nangun

2008-2009: One year in China – Changzhou (Jiangsu province)

Training with Tong Hui Laoshi 童慧 老师 (上海体院大学毕业),in Changzhou TiXiao 常州体校

2008-2009 NEW EVE: Called by Prof.Li Wei 李威 老师 to take part at the New Eve Show of Chengdu Sport University 成都体育学院 (Sichuan province)

August 24, 2009: on Hrvatska Televizija (Croatian National TV) during
Dobro Jutro Hrvatska (Good morning Croatia) TV program with an
interwiev (by Vesna Mimica) and wushu show.

2009: World Championship – Toronto (Canada)

Croatia Wushu Team COACH

Feb.- March 2010: Trainer of the Youth Romanian Wushu Team, preparing them for The European Wushu Championship held in Turkey.
Results for: MIHAI IOANA, 2nd place in Nanquan *category B (age 13-15)
ANDREI IOANA, 3rd place in Nanquan *category C (age 9-12)

What is WUSHU?

Wushu (武术; pinyin: wǔshù) literally means "martial art". It is the correct term for the more commonly known but misused term kung fu, which roughly translates to skill and refers specifically to the energy, feeling and effort expended in doing or making something. A craftsman or artisan could be said to have good kung fu in the way in which they carry out their craft. In the same way, a wushu practitioner can also be said to have good kung fu.


The sport of wushu is a system of fighting techniques that incorporate routine exercises and free-sparring aimed to promote health, strengthen will power and refine combat skills.

Millions of people around the world practice wushu today. While wushu previously trained people for war, today it is a popular way of improving your physical fitness, concentration and self-control. It requires practitioners to develop both their bodies and minds.

Almost anyone can benefit from exercising wushu. Whether you are young or old, strong or weak, wushu can help you keep fit. Practitioners are required to develop speed, quickness and agility while fast and powerful strikes demand stamina 
and concentration.

According to one Chinese legend, people in ancient times needed to defend themselves from a dangerous environment and enemy tribes. To learn how, the Chinese imitated nature. They learned how to protect themselves by observing the stillness of mountains and the flow of rivers. They also adopted movements from animals. 

Every region of ancient China had its own fighting form. Eventually early martial artists added the use of weapons, such as knives, swords and spears. In the 5th century, a Buddhist monk from India traveled to China. He stayed in the Shaolin Temple and did research on Buddhism. Legends said that the monk not only taught religious philosophy, but was also concerned about the health of his student monks. To strengthen the monks, he taught them stretching exercises. These exercises reminded the Chinese monks of the fighting forms they learned as children. A group of monks then developed movements that served as the core of Chinese martial arts. This was considered as the origin of formalized training in wushu.  

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